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Quick Review - Lancôme Show by Alber Elbaz Defincils “It Accessories” Palette

I couldn’t resist trying something from this collection….I mean: the packaging!

I was really attracted to the mint color in this palette and after using it a few times, I can say it’s a standout! The palette recommends using it as an all over lid color, but I’ve preferred lining my lower lash line with it and think it looks super pretty and fresh.

The middle color, a satin taupe shade, is also really nicely pigmented and a beautiful blending color. The other great shade is the emerald green, which makes a dramatic smokey eye when used on the outer third, as well as a nice lower lash line shade.

The gold was a miss for me. I knew this was an overall shimmery palette, but the gold is more like a sparkle top coat, rather than a standalone color, as you can see from the swatch. The beige base is nice, but nothing special. For me, it’s the flakiest shade in the palette top. The three better shades are smoother and easier to apply.

Overall you have to love (and have the patience for!) shimmer to enjoy this palette, but it has a few unique colors.

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